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Hypnotherapy + Yoga studio

INYE studio, this beautiful space has been serving its community since 2003, is a bright and spacious centre offering hypnotherapy, as well as yoga practices. Our intention is to honour the individual needs for each student to support a life of joy.


INYE hypnotherapy addresses the subtle mindscape of the subconscious. The world is filled with suggestions of all kinds, some good, some not so much. Hypnotherapy's ultimate reach is to “de-hypnotize” you, so you may express the full capability of human potential.

This is a sacred space for healing, and a second home for many. Both Hypnotherapy & Yoga are powerful systems for change, however, It is always up to you to make it a permanent reality! For more information on Hatha Yoga & its processes, visit the INYE Yoga website (a new browser tab will open).

Cool things about INYE

    ""I cannot thank you enough for supporting me through my first hypnotherapy session. I can honestly say it is life changing! I have felt the process of healing continue over the past couple of days post session. My physical body is integrating the therapy effortlessly, as if it was starving for it! ""

- Karolina C.

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New to hypnotherapy?

Watch the pre-talk video presentations on what is hypnosis, the mental attitude for successful session, and the science behind this powerful modality.

De-mystify Hypnosis

Private & Group Pricing

Learn the science behind hypnotherapy, the mental principles for receptivity, and various applications for this potent practice, including HypnoYoga, a potent practice.  Combining Hypnotherapy with Restorative Yoga, HypnoYoga can restore balance to the physical / mental / energetic layers of the body.

From private one on one session to public group session, check out various pricing options such as class pass packages & membership from INYE Yoga.

    "I can’t remember a time in my life where I did not bite my nails. I always wanted to quit and knew it was a bad habit. I felt like I tried everything, from the no bite nail polish to  always having fake nails on, but nothing was working. So I went ahead and booked a session with Eddee, he was great. I appreciated that he took his time to thoroughly explain how hypnotherapy worked as this was my first time. Throughout the whole session I felt comfortable and safe and I could not be more pleased with the results. It has been three weeks since I have seen Eddee and I have not touched my nails since. They have actually grown out so much that I had to file down a few! It is amazing how our brains work, and how bringing up one key memory of mine in my subconscious  fixed my nail biting habit! Thank you Eddee!"

- Samantha B.

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