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Hypnotherapy Methodology

The classical definition of hypnosis is: "The by-pass of the critical factor of the conscious mind and establishment of acceptable selective thinking". There is no mention of relaxation, nor in any altered mind state. In fact, everyday you would receive a large amount of hypnotic suggestions through media channels, family & friends, and false mental associations, and completely unaware of them.

Hypnotherapy is a potent therapeutic practice. It opens the gateway (Critical Factor of the Conscious Mind) to the subconscious & unconscious mind layers, making beneficial changes to the "organic computer", and to let go of restrictions with which we subconsciously defined ourselves. Different from its stage counterpart, each well-placed suggestion is designed to benefit physical and emotional well being. We always think that everything we ever lived through is either forgotten or retained in the form of a memory. As a matter of fact, it is there; It is part of us every moment of every day. We live our life in the light of reflected action, the things we used to do we are still doing in our mind. And the things we do, we will still be doing it in the future.


It is with paramount importance to deal with the ISE (initial sensitizing event), which is the root cause of many non-organic dis-eases. Through hypnotherapy, we will be able to re-visit these events and promote physical, emotional and behavioural healing. The process of Hypnotherapy is always to de-hypnotize you from the false associations.

Real world Hypnosis

Real world Hypnosis

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