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Blueprint for full health

The definition of full health varies from person to person. Some are happy to lose a few pounds, some are looking to be free of cancer. In hypnotherapy & Yoga, good health means your body is functioning optimally, with the least amount of friction possible. It is like a classic watch with cogs and gears analogy, when each piece functions smoothly, this is considered an optimal physical state.

The most important thing to check first, is always the quality of the input. When the physical body is being fuelled with good healthy food, it will have the necessary clean energy to function efficiently. There is no health coming from eating junk food groups, it is simply impossible.

Second thing to check, would be your mind's state. As we all know, anger causes high blood pressure and heart conditions; stress causes liver issues, and anxiety causes skin irritations. The physical conditions are often psychosomatic in origin, creating symptoms from intense and untreated emotions.

Hypnotherapy approaches physical symptoms by examining all aspects of life, so you may return to a state of balance and wellbeing.

  • Accelerate physical body recovery

  • Reboot immune system

  • Remove insomnia

  • Control pain/discomfort

  • Weight loss

  • Remove stuttering

Mental melody

Imagine we are like blank CDs, and everything that we have ever experienced, consciously or not, got carved into little grooves onto the disc. As we walk through life, it is not the grooves we feel, but the repeating songs of these collective events. Some are of love and compassion, while many are the songs of tragedy and accidents.

When a song repeats in your mind, you can either resonate with lyrics, or choose to erase the track. Many simply walk through life unaware of the repeating pattern, and feel trapped in a loop. The people involved in the pattern may be different each time, but the nature of the event (music) is always the same. It is only through deep psychological suffering, or by looking inward that the loops become apparent to us.

When is it enough? Do you have the necessary intelligence to start the process of turning inward? The core principle of Hypnotherapy is never about "fixing" you, but to show you the possibilities of liberation. You are doing all the hard work and yes, you can erase the negative tracks and heal yourself!

  • Remove fear/phobia

  • Enhance memory

  • Quit smoking /addiction

  • Improve self confidence

  • Heal / cleanse emotional body

  • Learn self hypnosis

Power of Creation

When you eat food or drink water, the substance enters your physical body, and is slowly assimilated to become part of your energy and body. This process does not require instructions from you to the organs, the body naturally has the necessary evolutionary intelligence to create complex chemical reactions, so food can be transformed into you.

This power of creation comes from within, and it perform a lot bigger miracles than just turning food into body. The pure intelligence is capable of much more, and it is part of every one of us, should we wish to tap into its source.

Metaphysical means "beyond the physical", and metaphysical hypnotherapy is a powerful technique to avail ourselves of its frequency. Much like entering a deep meditative state, the application for this level of practice is immense. When you are open to the process, with proper guidance, you can begin to interact with the physical, emotional, and spiritual layers.

  • Improve integrity of physical/ energetic body

  • Learning the Cosmic rhythm

  • Prenatal regression

  • Progression

  • Realize spiritual body

New to hypnotherapy?

Watch the pre-talk video presentations on what is hypnosis, the mental attitude for successful session, and the science behind this powerful modality.

De-mystify Hypnosis

Learn the science behind hypnotherapy, the mental principles for receptivity, and various applications for this potent practice, including HypnoYoga, a potent practice.  Combining Hypnotherapy with Restorative Yoga, HypnoYoga can restore balance to the physical / mental / energetic layers of the body.

Private & Group Pricing

From private one on one session to public group session, check out various pricing options such as class pass packages & membership from INYE Yoga.

    "I have been living in pain from injury I sustained for several years. Yoga definitely helped me deal with it but the pain was always there and I was always focused on how to relieve it. I had good and bad times until I met Eddee who introduced me to hypnotherapy. I decided to try it. 

In a professional and safe environment, with care and patience, Eddee guided me through a session of hypnotherapy - I call it self healing - where I learnt how to stay focused, ignore distractions, let go of issues I didn’t know I was holding on to, and most importantly I learnt about how my mind can control my body and thats how I choose to feel and tolerate pain or ignore it.  It was an amazing experience for me in different ways. Although we do not experience things at the same level, I do recommend It to anyone who likes to go a step farther. 

Eddee is a gentle and caring instructor whose positive energy makes yoga more interesting. I thank you for this Eddee and am looking forward to learn more and go deeper."

- Julie S.

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