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Hypnotherapy pre-talk


Feel free to reach out if you have any additional question

Hypnotherapy Pretalk

Hypnotherapy Pretalk

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Session preparation
  • Watch the above hypnotherapy pre-talk video presentation (~32 minutes). If you have any question, please write them down, and I will answer prior to our session.

  • Please take a shower prior, and imagine the water cleanses your energy field of the whole body before the session.

  • No mind altering meditation at least 24hrs prior to the session. If prescribed by physician, please call to make sure it is safe to hold on till after the session is over.

  • Light (or no) vegetarian meal at least 4hrs prior to the session or a 2.5 hrs gap if you had a snack for optimum receptivity.

  • No caffeinated coffee/tea in the morning on the day of the session.

  • Please have a journal and a pen with you to write down any thoughts discussed for post discussion/reflection.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing. The weather is unpredictable, think layers.

  • No contact lenses please, or you could remove it here before we start, and put them back on after we finish.

  • No perfumes/cologne/essential oil please.


De-mystify Hypnosis

Learn the science behind hypnotherapy, the mental principles for receptivity, and various applications for this potent practice, including HypnoYoga, a potent practice.  Combining Hypnotherapy with Restorative Yoga, HypnoYoga can restore balance to the physical / mental / energetic layers of the body.

Private & Group Pricing

From private one on one session to public group session, check out various pricing options such as class pass packages & membership from INYE Yoga.

    "The Hypnotherapy at Inye Yoga is a transformative tool. Through a combination of private sessions and HypnoYoga classes I have been able to release years of fear and confusion, shining light into the darkness and bringing forth truth and joy. I would highly recommend the Hypnotherapy offerings to anyone who is looking for a gentle way to help release themselves of their traumas to begin living their own lives free of afflictions."

- Tiffany H.

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