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A Hypnotherapy Journey

When we describe a journey, the literal meaning is an act of travelling from one place to another. Any work that requires us to gaze inward through the inner eyes, including the physical & mental branches of hypnotherapy, should not be called a journey, but a deepening of our perception on what life is at its purest.


Within a sacred and protective space, practitioners with necessary preparations, can be guided through a metaphysical journey, and travel across inward dimensions for physical / energetic healing, or on an outward path to connect with the Cosmic consciousness. This is a sensitive and delicate practice in which every preparatory step must be met to ensure safety & potency. Due to the sensitive nature of this practice, Eddee may make final determination on your readiness for this journey.

It is best if you have prior hypnosis experience, a deep meditation practice, and/or are open to dimensions other than the physical plane. This is a journey which will transform you from within. 

Hypnotherapy is a consent practice, with absolute respect for client's privacy. We will never hypnotize clients without their acknowledgement and explicit agreement. If you have been pressured or guilted into booking a session, even when it comes from loving care, it is best to postpone until you personally have decided it is time for change.