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Hypnotherapy / HypnoYoga Testimonials

    "In the beginning of 2020 I was forced to retire due to the fact that the company I was working  for closed its offices in Canada. I was struggling to accept my sudden change from actively working full time to retired and in need of professional help. 


The first person that came to my mind was  Eddee, the Owner/Director of the Inye Yoga Studio that I have been a student member of for a number of years. I really enjoy his yoga classes and feel comfortable asking him for help regarding yoga practice. Eddee is also a certified Hypnotherapist and offers Hypnotherapy sessions at the studio, so I immediately booked a session with him to see if he could help me in the situation I was in.


In my first session, Eddee was able to give me the confidence and trust I needed to open up and tell him how I felt. During the session with Eddee's guidance I was able to let some deep wounds come to the surface and he also provided guidance on how I could deal with those wounds and let go of the hurt. I am so grateful for his guidance and compassion.


Due to COVID I was only able to book a second session this year. During the  session, Eddee was amazingly able to guide me in addressing my feeling of abandonment I have felt since I was young and also the feeling of rejection I have felt for a long time due to a not so good relationship.


Eddee's way of talking and explaining made my experience with Hypnotherapy very positive and beneficial. I am so grateful for all the help you provide in any subject we need, be it yoga poses, Reiki, meditation and so on "

-G. Cavaco

    "I cannot thank you enough for supporting me through my first hypnotherapy session. I can honestly say it is life changing! I have felt the process of healing continue over the past couple of days post session. My physical body is integrating the therapy effortlessly, as if it was starving for it! "

-K. Cerio

    "I can’t remember a time in my life where I did not bite my nails. I always wanted to quit and knew it was a bad habit. I felt like I tried everything, from the no bite nail polish to  always having fake nails on, but nothing was working. So I went ahead and booked a session with Eddee, he was great. I appreciated that he took his time to thoroughly explain how hypnotherapy worked as this was my first time. Throughout the whole session I felt comfortable and safe and I could not be more pleased with the results. It has been three weeks since I have seen Eddee and I have not touched my nails since. They have actually grown out so much that I had to file down a few! It is amazing how our brains work, and how bringing up one key memory of mine in my subconscious  fixed my nail biting habit! Thank you Eddee!"

-S. Baldin

    “I have been living in pain from injury I sustained for several years. Yoga definitely helped me deal with it but the pain was always there and I was always focused on how to relieve it. I had good and bad times until I met Eddee who introduced me to hypnotherapy. I decided to try it. 

In a professional and safe environment, with care and patience, Eddee guided me through a session of hypnotherapy - I call it self healing - where I learnt how to stay focused, ignore distractions, let go of issues I didn’t know I was holding on to, and most importantly I learnt about how my mind can control my body and thats how I choose to feel and tolerate pain or ignore it.  It was an amazing experience for me in different ways. Although we do not experience things at the same level, I do recommend It to anyone who likes to go a step farther. 

Eddee is a gentle and caring instructor whose positive energy makes yoga more interesting. I thank you for this Eddee and am looking forward to learn more and go deeper."


    "The Hypnotherapy at Inye Yoga is a transformative tool. Through a combination of private sessions and HypnoYoga classes I have been able to release years of fear and confusion, shining light into the darkness and bringing forth truth and joy. I would highly recommend the Hypnotherapy offerings to anyone who is looking for a gentle way to help release themselves of their traumas to begin living their own lives free of afflictions."

-T. Harkes

    "Eddee has a wonderful way of making his clients feel safe, supported and nurtured throughout the hypnosis session. I felt like I could trust him completely. He had a wonderful calm manner throughout the session, both in his voice and in his energy, and I immediately felt at ease. He helped me evolve and heal in ways that may not have been possible without his touch. I would highly recommend Eddee for hypnotherapy. You will be in wonderfully, caring, loving and healing hands!"

-S. Easterbrook

    "Eddee has a friendly, trusting and respectful attitude that made the whole process delightful. Even before my session he was attentive and took the time to explain what I was about to go through in as much detail as I would require, leaving it entirely to me the decision of continuing with the treatment or not. Throughout the treatment I received from Eddee all the positive reinforcement to work out issues that were deep within my experience. At the same time, despite examining such personal subjects, I gladly felt I was in a safe environment and free to talk about it as I would with a long time friend. I'm thankful for trying hypnotherapy and I can't think of a better guide than Eddee in this venture and I would promptly recommend him as a therapist."

- R. Santos

    "I believe it helped my insomnia.  No more laying awake at night! Everyone should try it, doesn't hurt."

- B. Nuttle

    “So I just finished my third hypnotherapy session with Eddee and I feel renewed, refreshed with a deep sense of understanding. We worked extremely hard at 're-rooting', transforming and manifesting. 'Re-rooting' was the process where I literally felt all of my deep 'rooted' insecurities, fears and chronic challenges get dug up like the roots in a big old tree being turned upside down, we worked on these roots and re-planted these roots after removing the debris of negative thoughts, traumas and labels and replaced them with loving thoughts, new information and positivity to foster new relationships with them and myself. Since my first session, I have been remembering my dreams and receiving many signs from my angels. Bringing me back to a time in my life where I believed that I knew of my own sacredness and gifts but along the way forgot how to access it.

My second session was re-introducing confidence within myself and learning to say No when my poisons of 'choice' would want to come in and weaken me. It is here where I truly learnt my significance and learnt how to say no. My third session I spoke to my creator and was open to receiving my destiny and mission (life purpose). The work is still filtering in and integrating and I am vibrating. I am a bit tired but I wanted to write this before I rest. I will be taking more time to rest and listen to Self and spirit in the next couple days.

I would recommend hypnotherapy for healing to anyone who feels like they are at a cross roads or feel like they have forgotten their sacredness, or if there is an energetic blockage which is stopping you from reaching your higher Self. If this is you right now, it doesn't have to feel like this forever. I highly encourage anyone feeling any of these symptoms to seek healing from Eddee's work.

Eddee is professional, caring, patient and extremely wise when it comes to cleansing the spirit. I feel like my work as a light worker has taken on new heights. I am excited to see where I go from here. Eddee has given me tools to center myself if I fall off my path or if I get lost. Eddee has given me the tools to re-gain stability and strength for the days ahead. I look forward in learning more and will continue to see Eddee for on-going healing and strengthening. Eddee is a gift to all, and his offerings in the realm of healing is much needed in a time like now. He is an enlightened being who is living in harmony with his physical and spiritual self. We could all learn and benefit from Eddee's hypno therapy healing sessions. So with that being said, thank you Eddee and namaste.”

-L. Hachey

    "Eddee helped me greatly during a pretty severe case of insomnia. I didn't want to fall into the dangerous trap of taking meds unnecessarily. He not only helped me sleep, but gave me the tools to help myself in the future. He was a big help!"

- D. Testani

    "Yesterday's guided meditation was pure miracle, today I feel like a different person, filled with passion and life! It is a foreign sensation and I am so happy. Thank you!"

E. Liu

    "I didn't have any real problems when I decided to give Hypnosis a chance with Eddee. I was mostly curious and actually quite a bit skeptical about the whole process. But after my session with Eddee I feel like I have discovered new means to approach problems in life thanks to his guidance of my sub-conscious mind. I feel like my mental energy is properly focused on what it needs to be focusing, with all the noise that was dragging it down minimized after the session."

- E. Arslan

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